Mentoring Programs And Development Towards Career Goals And Objectives

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Literature Review
Mentoring Programs
Face to Face Mentoring
Mentoring is a relationship between a mentor who is a person of more experience and a mentee, a person who needs the advice and assistance. In our case, the relationship would be built on a mutual desire for progress and development towards career goals and objectives. This way of mentoring is a more traditional way in which a face to face meeting is organized to serve the objective. This method can exist between two people who already know each other and are comfortable with each other or in a formal mentoring program setting where two people meet for the first time and to share and direct. This way is extremely effective since both the mentor and the mentee gain knowledge and experience. The mentor improves their leadership skills while the mentee gains experience and awareness of a certain matter (Types of mentoring 2016).
This is a different approach to mentoring where everything is based off the internet and communicating through emails, social media and video calls. I believe that the relationship between the mentee and mentor in this case is not as strong and effective, however people who live in rural areas or who are too busy, would find it more convenient when they need a mentor. Of course, this method lacks “facial expressions, posture, dress, social status indicators and vocal cues” which makes it a less communicative and operative strategy (Types of mentoring 2016). This method of mentoring…
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