Mentoring Programs And Its Effect On Worker Performance

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Mentoring programs’ goals include increasing employee knowledge or skills, outcomes for training and development, and organizational development (Horvath, Wasko, & Bradley, 2008). Mentoring programs are a useful tool in obtaining organizational attraction and employee retention. Alamo Osteopathic is a private, family practice organization who has never implemented a formal training program. The following paper addresses all major components of a qualitative study for the organizational opportunity of a mentoring program and its effect on worker performance at Alamo Osteopathic including an organizational (relevant) theory which ties in the opportunity of the mentoring program’s effect on worker performance. A qualitative study method…show more content…
True success for an individual may be an increase in knowledge, skill, pay, or job satisfaction. Mentoring programs in their totality increase employee knowledge and/or skills and improve organizational effectiveness. Lastly, mentoring is largely related with more positive employee attitudes including career satisfaction, job satisfaction, greater organizational commitment, and lower employee turnover (Horvath, Wasko, & Bradley, 2008). Opportunity Description Establishing a formal mentoring program at Alamo Osteopathic is an organizational opportunity based on individual (employee) and overall (organizational) success. Since there has been no mentoring program prior, the opportunity to commence one will be challenging and rewarding. According to (Drew, 2014) mentoring program benefits are as follows: Organizational benefits include: 1) flourishes strategic business initiatives 2) encourages retention and lessens turnover costs 3) improves productivity/worker performance 4) enhances knowledge through practical experience and wisdom learned from long-term employees A MENTORING PROGRAM: IT’S EFFECT ON WORKER PERFORMANCE 5 Employee (mentee) benefits include: 1) availability to mentor’s expertise 2) vital feedback in all areas of job

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