Mentoring Those Freelancers: Let's Talk about Webinars Essay

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If you achieved advanced level in your freelance career, chances are, you may be wooed by mentoring. You have steady income and authority voice, the ground beneath your feet is solid and you think that it would be good to share your experience with others and maybe make a penny or two in between. Therefore, you decide to start mentoring.
There are many ways of doing that. You can take some newbies under your wing and start coaching them. Or you can write an e-book or set up an online course. Another popular option is holding webinars.
I have attended many webinars. At first I joined as many as possible. However, my enthusiasm soon diminished. Nowadays I rarely join any webinar. When I get an invitation, I think, no, not twice, not 3
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Ask yourself one question: would you pay to attend your own webinar? Answer honestly. If not, it’s time to review the webinar and make improvements. Even if your webinar is free, remember that people pay for you with their time. Is your webinar worth it? Make it worth of every minute guests give for it. They’ll appreciate that and will be more likely to attend next time.
• Don’t promote. Good webinar promotes by itself. You don’t need to brag about your services all the time and beg guests to pay 9999$ for your online course. Have you seen a demo version of game that crashes all the time and barely works? No, you didn’t. Even if it’s only a demonstration, it delivers its small functionality perfectly. It does not stop every 3 minutes to ask player to buy the full game. The same applies to webinars. There’s nothing more annoying than an hour-long commercial that somehow ended up being called a webinar. It guarantees that people won’t be too eager to buy your services.
• Over-deliver. As I have said before, webinar is like a demo version of game. People get a short glimpse to your services. It would be wise for you to give them the best experience possible. Even if you are a charitable person and don’t use webinars for promotion, you should deliver a cool product. It’s ridiculously obvious: people feel better about good things. Provide entertaining, engaging, informative webinars and you’ll get lasting, positive
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