Mentoring and Enabling Learning in the Practice Setting Essay

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Mentoring and enabling learning in the practice setting A reflective account of my experience of facilitating learning, assessing and teaching a student or co-worker, and how this experience will inform my future development within the mentor or practice teacher role. Student Number: 2930211 Word Count: 3150 Part 1: Introducing the Mentorship role I am a band five registered paediatric nurse based on an orthopaedic and spinal surgical ward in a tertiary paediatric hospital. I am currently engaging in completing my training to become a qualified mentor. This reflective account details my experiences assessing, teaching and facilitating the learning of a student during their practice based learning, and how this experience may…show more content…
I must frequently act as an advocate for the child (Children Act 1989), requiring a more autocratic approach (Bass and Bass 2008). Both establishing effective relationships and leadership require skill, knowledge and experience and can be central to providing quality care (Department of Health 2004). Key professional challenges surrounding learning and assessment in my practice area include difficulty due to the busyness and staffing levels on my ward, which is known to affect the quality of assessment in practice (Phillips et al, 2000). The pressure of clinical commitments and lack of available time has an affect on the organisation and supervision of students during clinical placement (Caldwell et al 2008). Other difficulties may include inconsistency in performance influencing assessment of fitness for practice (Duffy and Hardicre 2007a), or students who are not compliant with support available and provided should they be failing (Duffy and Hardicre 2007b). Reluctance to fail a failing student due to poor assessment or finding the failing process too difficult (Duffy 2003) also serves as a professional challenge in my practice area. The NMC Standards to support learning and assessment in practice (2008b) do provide a framework for mentors, but due to the nature of the document it is not comprehensive enough to consider all

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