Mentorship Nursing

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The following assignment will be written in first person as it is reflective in nature. Bulman and Schutz (2004) agree that to learn from an experience practitioners should go beyond description and reflect on that experience. The aim of this piece is to reflect on my role as a mentor and demonstrate my awareness of the responsibilities involved, whilst paying particular attention to the required learning outcomes 2-5 of the module. In keeping with the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council, 2008) Code of Conduct anonymity will be adhered to and therefore no names of people or places will be mention.

The assignment will allow me to reflect on my own experiences in my new role as a mentor and will follow the journey of a student nurse and her
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Having had discussions, my learner was very shy and lacked confidence as she had never worked in a ward environment before. We were therefore both in agreement that confidence/communication be a learning objective.
I began to look at how I could provide the best possible learning environment for my student and in doing so I researched different learning theories. Researching these theories gave me the opportunity to encapsulate what mentorship would involve so I would be able to facilitate my students learning. Welsh and Swann (2002) suggest the experimental cycle enables students to be given the opportunity to build on existing knowledge. I assessed and observed my student on her competencies and encouraged her to develop her skills and knowledge further by using evidence based practice. Gopee (2007) states that this approach is very useful for both students and mentors. However Welsh and Swann (2002) outline that mentors should be aware of the halo-horn effect and maintain objectivity. I will therefore to continually assess my teaching abilities to facilitate my students learning requirements. According to Welsh and Swann (2002) assessment helps determine extent of learning and the level of clinical competence of the learner. Whilst I continue to observe assess my learner a good rapport was established and I observed a variation in my teaching methods and her
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