Mentorship Speech

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Hello Grandma Ardis, How are you? Do like your new home? I'm doing pretty good; graduation is coming quick, I have about 5.5 weeks left. I have my cap & gown, ready to go to college. It's weird saying that I'm about to go to college in the fall and get my degree in Mass Communication. I'm going to be a radio broadcaster. After I get my associate, I may do a mentorship, or go to K-State like Skylar; haven't decided yet. This semester I have done an internship at our local radio station and I am loving it. I love talking on the radio, prepping radio shows. It's a shock because I'm an introvert, but doing pursuing radio made me realize that I'm an ambivert. My internship is all day, so I only go to school about 2-3 times a week. This year
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