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Introduction: The diet coke and Mentos experiment has been a favorite of amateur scientists, but how does it work? There have been debates, and scientists have concluded that the diet coke and Mentos is a physical reaction, called nucleation. Nucleation sites are areas that have high surface with low volume. Such places can be your fingerprint, scratches on glass, specks of dust, or even Mentos candy (Eepy Bird). Mentos candies have a pitted surface that’s rough when looked at through a microscope, therefore creating a wonderful place for nucleation to occur. Water molecules like to be next to other water molecules, so if you drop something into the soda, like Mentos, it acts as a site for growth of bubbles. Mentos have a high…show more content…
Which soda made the largest Mentos fountain? How can you tell? - Diet coke made the largest Mentos fountain because it had the least amount of soda left over after the reaction. 2. Which soda gave the worst results? How can you tell? - Mountain Dew made the smallest fountain with the worst results because it had the most amount of soda left over after the reactoin. 3. What differences are there between the diet and regular soda? How does this affect the size of the fountain? - The difference between diet and regular soda is that diet soda uses artificial sweeteners, like aspartame for example. This affects the fountain because low surface tension helps bubbles grow quickly. The surface tension in water containing aspartame is lower than sugary water, which explains why diet soda creates a bigger fountain thatn regular soda (NewScientist). 4. What differences are there between caffeinated and caffeine free soda?

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