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Restaurant Name:



It was required to brainstorm and identify concepts for a restaurant or food service operation that we would like to own or run.

These questions will be answered further in the portfolio:

a) The location of the restaurant.

b) The history of the restaurant.

c) The overall theme of the restaurant and how appropriate it is for our market. Also what would encourage members of our market to find our theme compelling over all other competitors.

d) If the menu is covering a particular meal period or is it California Style.
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So whether it’s the great food and drinks, the educational and historic value of the unique Jamaican-Spanish memorabilia or the chance of meeting open-minded people, JAMALEGRE is a welcomed attraction to the Kingston entertainment scene that shouldn’t be missed.

The Location of the Restaurant

A restaurants location is as crucial to its success as great food service. It influences many parts of the restaurant including the menu.

A market research was done on the most suitable place fitted for this type of Restaurant and so

JAMALEGRE RESTAURANT and LOUNGE location is at 115 Old Hope Road, Liguanea Plaza Kingston 5. This location was chosen on the theme of the restaurant, the market we are catering for, the parking and accessibility and the population base. This location is ideal due to the fact that it is in a Plaza were people are everyday. The location was also chosen based on the other food competitors in and around the vicinity. Jamalegre is the only Jamaican restaurant with a Spanish twist. It is not hidden but rather in a central area that is convenient to customers.

What is the overall theme and how appropriate is it for our market and what would encourage members of our market to find our theme compelling over all other competitors.

The theme of JAMALEGRE is Jamaican Spanish, casual, fine dining. The restaurant offers a mixture of Jamaican and Spanish dishes in a casually elegant ambiance. The Name "Jamalegre" was derived from the word
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