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Menu Analysis Report | Hellenika Restaurant | By Rachael PrattSouthern Cross University, 2011 | | Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to evaluate the effectiveness of an establishments menu in relation to what it communicates and its overall appeal. Hellenika restaurant is a Greek restaurant which services traditional home style dishes in a friendly and rustic atmosphere. With a casual formal dress code and thorough table service the restaurant caters to the higher end of the market with options of both table d’hôte and an a la cart menus. Menus are printed in a basic black font on a white page offering both table d’hote and a la cart banquet options. Item are listed in Greek and briefly described in English…show more content…
Hellenika offers traditional banquet style dishes which are designed to be shared. These dishes are offered on two types of menu options; table d’hôte and an a la cart, as defined by Davis, Lockwood, Alcott and Pantelidis (2008). Several set table, d’hôte (banquets) menus are available depending specifically on the number of patrons attending and the money they are willing to pay. Whilst on the a la carte menu, dishes are served with a banquet or tapist style service, although choices are fully at the customer discretion. Menu items are listed by their Greek titles followed by a brief English description/translation. Dishes are categorized under bolded headings which groups them under there equivalents nature; starters, entrees, main and sides. Additional daily special are also offered separately on a hand written page. With an average of seven wait staff on duty and sections consisting of four tables, the restaurant aims to provide a casual fine dining experience with professional and thorough table service. The restaurant is not presented as a cheap dining experience; which is evident in the banquet prices presented in appendix 2. As evidenced by the lack of a kids menu, the restaurant clearly doesn’t specifically target the young family segment. Thus the menu is designed and focuses on the higher end of the market, including those aged in their late twenties through to their early sixties with high
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