Menu Labeling Research Paper

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From all sources of information in this assignment, whether it be information collected myself, or papers read from more official studies, it is apparent that when presented with information about the content or calorie counts of food, people will attempt to eat healthier. The affordable care act should definitely incorporate the requirement of nutrition facts in menus.
Showing my peers the correct calorie counts from question 1 was enjoyable because of the shock created from how incorrect their answers were. Obviously nobody has a good idea of just how unnecessary restaurant food is, and if people were given the calorie information, it would definitely lead to a healthier America. No one I asked said they believed they would have a good idea …show more content…

Unfortunately, as referenced in the Economic Research Service paper, the more often people eat out, the less likely they are to look at nutrition facts. This leads to a downward spiral of unhealthy eating and apathy towards getting healthy. If an easy to comprehend color guidance system could be incorporated into America’s fast food system, I believe that even the more apathetic eaters would change their habits to become healthier. Most people fear judgement, and if a person knowingly orders 3 “red” items from a fast food chain, they would probably have some regrets. The speculation that the color system would be effective can be substantiated by the third papers results. So to finalize, the Affordable Care act should not only introduce menu labeling, but also include a color guidance system or something …show more content…

After the first breach of the intended healthy system, without subsequent immediate results, most people would assume that they can eat higher calorie meals more often, as weight gain is not immediate and develops over time. Most people nowadays know that fast food is not good for you, but it is still consumed in massive amounts everyday by Americans. The accessibility is too convenient for commuters and children enjoy the toys that come with most meals. Obesity is less of a problem in Europe because of their often shorter commutes; they don’t spend as much time driving per day, and fast food is less common because of already established eateries. Attempting to have a government intervention to lessen the fast food restaurant count would also be against the American capitalist way, so that’s improbable. The fast food industry is locked in place in America and simply labeling the menus will not damage their hold. In addition to menu labeling, the Affordable Care act could also try to mandate laws that require healthy food such as fruits and vegetables at competitive prices in fast food establishments around the

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