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1. The opportunities and/or gaps facing MEPD are: * MEPD has been unable to keep up with the competitiveness inside the telecommunication market because they have not developed new products to maintain and increase their operating margins. * The lack of communication and poor relationship between the different departments inside the company occurred as result of the changes in the division’s market and the management team. The natural differences between functional groups, the absence of mechanisms for bringing them together, and the historical competitive atmosphere of the division are the reasons why these poor relationships were developed. * MEPD’s employees do not have a common understanding of the division…show more content…
* Marketing: This department lacks of directions and has a very narrow product base. Also the fact that their workforce has almost no experience affects their performance. Also the fact that this department is not the coordinating function of the product developing process gives no guidance to the process in general and generates the conflicts in-between the departments. * Manufacturing: The poor communication between departments has created that plants managers turn to be conservative and unwilling to take risks for the loss of efficiency and profit margins because they do not have a clear goal or do not share the same thoughts of the rest of the departments. * Product Development: There is no motivation or desire inside this department to achieve a previously set goal because not achieving them is a normal behavior inside this department. Also the issue of slippage in goals and the underlying reasons for it were are discussed generating zero commitment of their employees.
4. To improve the performance, the company should define the long-term vision of the company and the strategy to achieve it. It is important at this stage to involve the managers of each of the departments of the company to make them feel identified with the process. In order to implement this new strategy and vision, MEPD should develop a balance scorecard involving customer support, employee, internal process and financial perspectives so they could be

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