Merchandising Agreement

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MERCHANDISING LICENSE AGREEMENT This MERCHANDISING LICENSE AGREEMENT (the “M/L Agreement”) is made and entered into as of December 15, 2010 (the “Effective Date”) by and between LICENSEE(“LICENSEE”) and ARTIST(“Licensor”) with respect to the recording and performing artist, Artist(“Artist”) RECITALS RECITAL ONE. RECITAL TWO. . RECITAL THREE. RECITAL FOUR. Licensor and Artist represent and warrant to and for the benefit of LICENSEE that neither Artist no Licensor will now or hereafter make any effort or take any action to waive, disavow, renounce or reject this Agreement or Licensor and Artist’s obligations hereunder whether based on the Artist Declaration or any assertion made by Artist therein. RECITAL FIVE. THE parties agree that the…show more content…
g) Sponsorships & Endorsements. The non-exclusive right and license to seek and enter into agreement covering sponsorship and endorsement opportunities for Artist. h) For the avoidance of doubt all distribution rights set out above, including those of third party licensees, include the right to promote and advertise the approved Merchandise arising from such rights. For the avoidance of doubt a license to manufacture Merchandise includes the right to have such Merchandise manufactured by third parties. i) Support of the Official Online Store and Fan Club Website. Licensor shall use reasonable efforts to actively promote the Official Online Store and Fan Club including, without limitation, on Artist’s album packaging (subject to the consent of Artist’s record company), and at Artist’s live performances. Licensor shall provide unique textual content and other services to support the Official Online Store and Fan Club as reasonably requested by LICENSEE. 3) DEFINITIONS. (ROYALTY-RELATED DEFINTIONS ARE SET FORTH IN SECTION 6(G)) 2 The following capitalized terms, when used in this M/L Agreement shall the meanings ascribed to them below: a) “Concert Peripherals” means merchandise and product typically sold at live performances whether or not relating to Artist or bearing the Licensed Marks and Materials (such as glow sticks, binoculars, “blinkies” and the like). b) “Digital
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