Merchant Banking

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A merchant bank This free essay was written by a student and not by our expert writers. If you need custom essays on your exact essay questions, then have a look at our essay writing service. What is Merchant Bank? A Merchant bank is a bank or a financial institution which is more focusing on providing financial services and advice to corporations and wealthy individuals, so we can say that a Merchant bank is that which providing Private equity activities of banking. There are two types of banks which provides these private equity services and they are Merchant banks and Investment Banks and the main difference between these banks is merchant bank invest its own capital in a client company whereas an investment bank is act as a…show more content…
It includes Public Sector, Private Sector and Foreign Bankers. Following are some examples of these Bankers:- Public sector Merchant Bankers: * SBI CAPITAL MARKETS LTD * PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK * BANK OF MAHARASHTRA * IFCI FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD * KARUR VYSYA BANK LTD, * STATE BANK OF BIKANER AND JAIPUR Private Sector Merchant Bankers: * ICICI SECURITIES LTD * AXIS BANK LTD.(FORMERLY UTI BANK LTD.) * BAJAJ CAPITAL LTD * TATA CAPITAL MARKETS LTD * ICICI BANK LTD * RELIANCE SECURITIES LIMITED * KOTAK MAHINDRA CAPITAL COMPANY LTD * YES BANK LTD. Foreign Players in Merchant Banking: * GOLDMAN SACHS (INDIA) SECURITIES PVT. LTD. * MORGAN STANLEY INDIA COMPANY PVT LTD * BARCLAYS SECURITIES (INDIA) PVT. LTD * BANK OF AMERICA, N.A * DEUTSCHE BANK * DEUTSCHE EQUITIES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED * BARCLAYS BANK PLC * CITIGROUP GLOBAL MARKETS INDIA PVT. LTD. * DSP MERRILL LYNCH LTD * FEDEX SECURITIES LTD ANALYSIS OF ARTICLES ARTICLE 1:- Marketing effectiveness in Merchant Banking In this article author Alka Sharma discuss about the economic reforms that took place in Indian financial sector. This type of reforms has gaining more importance as financial intermediaries and also help in opening new opportunity for growth and development of various financial services. As a result of this new reforms there is a shift in financial services from quantitative to qualitative services. Financial institution is highly
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