Merck Vioxx Recall

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Merck, the FDA, and the VIOXX Recall MBA 520-D4C2 Ethics & Leadership in a Global Environment April 22, 2012 Merck and Vioxx Recall Did Merck act in social and ethical manner? In 2005, Merck was ranked fourth in sales among pharmaceutical companies. Merck had released the drug Vioxx, for treating Osteoarthritis in late 1990. Merck as a company has a reputation of being one of the most ethical and socially responsible drug company established. The company’s Philanthropy was “Legendary” (Lawrence & Weber, 2011). A quote from George Merck, CEO, stated “We try never to forget the medicine is for the people. It is not for the profits. The…show more content…
Instead, they were so focused on developing a blockbuster drug that its ethical considerations that would ordinarily have been considered were ignored. Protecting consumers of prescription medicine The best course of action, in protecting consumers of prescription medicine, would be to ban direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising of these medications. Research has shown that DTC ads provide biased educational materials that promote medication over healthy alternatives (Stange, 2007). Conversations between the patient and health care provider revolve around DTC ads rather than the patient’s personal health. Discussing why the DTC drug is not the best option for the patient could result in decreased conversations about the patient’s behavior, family health history or recent patient health concerns. DTC advertisements create an environment through which patient vulnerability and fear of illness is manipulated and the selected drug serves as the best solution. These advertisements should encourage the patient to encourage communications between the patient and doctor on ways to become healthier; instead they foster a belief that drug dependency is a more viable solution than healthy behaviors. As of right now, only the United States and New Zealand do not ban the use of DTC ads (Stange, 2007). Consumers need to take a more
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