Mercury Bias Case

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This argument is conveying the reader to believe that the only reason why the Mercury has declined its circulation is that a lower-priced newspaper has appeared. Additionally, they stated that the perfect solution is to lower the price of its newspaper at least until the Mercury recovers its circulation levels.
My own view on the matter is this statement is making many erroneous assumptions and the solution that they point out won´t solve the problem and instead make it worse.
The first reason why I believe that this statement is completely wrong is that the company is not taking in account the whole picture of the newspaper industry. Maybe, the reason why this new competing company appeared is to satisfy an emerging market that is not willing to pay a lot of a newspaper and on the contrary prefer cheaper ways of interaction besides the traditional ones. It is a fact nowadays that people have a more effective way of communication, which is social media, hence people don´t want to pay an expensive newspaper that will provide the same information that a cheaper and faster ways involving technology already had.
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Therefore, to correct the direction of the company and protect their future the company should start evaluating itself, to find ways to recover a trustworthy image and study the target niche of the market they are focusing on. In the reality, it is widespread knowledge that certain newspapers focus on different types of news because they are targeting a specific type of public, such as economy or entertainment, and the newspaper that doesn't evolve in this way are the ones that don´t capture a certain amount of viewers being fated to
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