Mercury Contaminant

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such as trout and burbot (Hynes 1970). Warmer temperatures and changes in water quantity could therefore affect species composition and survival in the oil sands region.
Atmosphere Deposition
Oil sands operations and pulpmills release gases and small particulate matter (PM) into the atmosphere. These substances can then be deposited on the land or water by dry or wet deposition (when rain or snow bind to the gases or particulates).
Sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are examples of contaminants found in the atmosphere. These gases are associated with acid rain and the acidification of sensitive lakes and soils in the oil sands region.Mercury is of particular concern in the northern rivers of Alberta. At the regional level mercury, is primarily emitted from coal power generation plants near Edmonton and in lesser amounts from the oil sands operations (NREI 2002). Mercury can travel long distances through the atmosphere and is eventually deposited in aquatic environments, where it can be toxic to aquatic organisms
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Climatic Factors 2. Edaphic Factors 3. Topographic Factors 4. Biotic Factors 5. Limiting
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