Mercy Ascot Hospital : Healthcare Services Essay

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A hundred fourteen years ago, Mercy Ascot Hospital, was built to render healthcare services to the community of Auckland. While the hospital is growing over the years, we have retain the quality of our care continuously that we use to be the foundation of our institution to introduce to our clients. Mercy Ascot Hospital is one of the largest private hospitals in New Zealand. We have 22 operating theatres, coronary care unit and intensive care facilities. Each patient is given a treatment individually every year together with the commitment of the highest degree of excellence of the care specialists. (Our Organisation, 2015) Vision Our vision in Mercy Ascot is to have our institution an advance health care services always rendered with excellence and value to the people of New Zealand. (Vision, 2015) Values All of the staff members have practised the values every day. We value the effectiveness of being accountable and adaptable, the effectiveness of good communication and give great customer service towards our clients. (Values, 2015) We are patient and attentive to answer the customers’ need and queries. We continuously satisfy the information services towards our clients. In order to achieve the service quality for the customers, it needs to have reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy and tangibles to meet the client’s satisfaction. (Adele Berndt, 2004) We are able to communicate assertively and effectively with honest and respectful manner. Effective

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