Mercy Otis Warren: A Brief Biography

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Mercy accomplished lots of things that women did not even know could exist in her time. Mercy Otis Warren was a writer a poet, historian, dramatist, a patriot propagandist, play writer and a satirist in the eighteenth century. She was born in west Barnstable, Massachusetts in the United States of America which is named Cape Cod on September 14th, 1728. And died in her hometown on October 19, 1814. She was one of the first women to write about the war in the American Revolution. She spoke up and fought for what she though was right. She is really inspirational to all the women. And became a leader in the agitation when they were against the Stamp Act of 1765. When she was an adult she had five kids they all were born in West Barnstable, Massachusetts. Her first child was named James Warren. He was born in 1757 and died in the year of 1821. He was named after his father James Warren. Her second youngest kid named Winslow Warren was born in 1759 and died in 1791. Her third oldest the middle kid was born in the year of 1762 and died on 1784. The second oldest kid was named Henry Warren. He was born on 1764 and passed away in 1828. Her son named George Warren was the oldest one out of all of them. He was born in 1776 and died in the year of 1814. He had lots of responsibilities in his childhood. He would take care of his little brothers since he was the oldest out of all of them. They all died in their hometown in West Barnstable, Massachusetts. The purpose of this paper is to

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