Meredith Stoddard: A Short Story

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The yellow school bus rumbled over the cobblestone roads, which made for an unbelievably bumpy and equally uncomfortable ride. Fifteen year old Meredith Stoddard blew a strand of red hair away from her face, as she gazed out the bus window. Meredith was the oddball when it came to her looks. No one in her family had vivid red hair. No one. The poor girl painstakingly scoured through the last three generations of family photographs, and came up short of any relative bearing red hair. Where then, did that particular gene come from?

Suddenly, the bus's front wheel discovered a pot hole, or some similar hazardous feature, and Meredith's head was thrust forward, and slammed into the seat directly in front of her. As the girl pulled her head back,
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"Never mind," Meredith sighed in annoyance, rummaging into her purple Jan Sport backpack.

She didn't find a tissue, but Meredith was able to pull out a couple of napkins she had stolen from the school cafeteria. At least she was a practical kleptomaniac. The girl wiped the gum from her forehead, crumpled the napkin into a tight ball and carelessly tossed it over her shoulder. To her surprise, the napkin returned to her, hitting the teen in the back of the head.

"Hey!" Meredith angrily whirled around to confront the offending napkin thrower, only to meet the face of Daniel Bennett, the most handsome, the most popular, and the most skilled at getting detention boy, to ever roam the halls of Shireland High, "What did you do that for?"

Daniel was sitting between two bimbettes, with an arm wrapped around each of the girls. One of the bimbettes, a blonde, Meredith noticed, was nearly sitting on his lap. It was strange though; she felt slightly jealous.

"You hit me with your disgusting, discarded gum-paper first," Daniel scowled at her.

"Oh," Meredith blushed,
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Things were going just smashing for Meredith this morning. The teen silently prayed that the bus ride would end soon, in all honesty, she tended to get a little motion sickness at times. The bus had left the school parking lot at least an hour and a half ago. How much further could this museum be? Meredith never really cared much for field trips, because more often than not, they were exhausting. Typically, the only good thing about field trips, was that students were not required to wear those ridiculous school uniforms. Meredith was currently wearing her favorite pair of comfortable jeans that were worn around the knees, and a form fitting Superman t-shirt. (Superman was her imaginary lover.) Yes, Meredith normally hated school field trips, but this field trip was different. Her class wasn't visiting an ordinary, boring, musty museum that was filled with useless artifacts no one in their right mind would ever find interesting. No, this museum, once upon a time, was an actual palace where real live kings and queens once lived! Like most little girls, young Meredith used to pretend that she was a beautiful princess from a far away land. So, the idea of visiting an authentic palace, was truly exhilarating. Of course, if anyone were to ask her that, Meredith would deny it until she turned blue in the
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