Merger Integration At Bo The Trust Web Project

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Case: Merger Integration at BoA: The Trust Web Project 1: Describe the key elements of the transition process at Bank of America. Transition process at Bank of America manage by the Transition program officer and whose work responsibilities include to enforce the rigor of the transition process by managing the timing, budget and the scope of deliverables. Transition Program Officer’s duty includes reporting to the Executives and top managers to report the process entire activities from start to end. The key elements of the transition process includes is to first plan to integrate within a two different cultures. Bank of American performing its working activities as a national banking institution. It establish as a large national banking sector which is liable to perform its working activity as customer based banks that is providing the financial services within a small regional high as well as customer based bank. Bank of America uses the global operational system that performs careful operations in order to meet the customer demand and personal needs of Us Trust customers. Basically, the culture of this U.S Trust has a cultural that is just like a genteel that deals with the customer on the bases of the personalized, services category that they demand according to their current and requirement. This process divides in to two parts: execution phrase and assessment phrase. To clarify the activities within each phrase each and every process phrase divides into several phrase

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