Merger Is A Difficult And Challenging Event

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Without mergers, many famous and great organizations would not be successful and will not have the top position that they have today. At both the organization and individual levels, mergers can create winners or losers, one culture took the place of another culture. Merger is considered to be a difficult and challenging event. A past organizational event that I had experienced and will examine through the structural, human resource, political and symbolic frames, was the merging between two Internet Service Provider Companies in Jerusalem, these companies are Mada Corp and Planet Corp. A new joint organization called Hadara Technologies was created after Mada and Palnet entities combined together. Hadara was founded after the merging event in 2005 as part of Paltel Telecommunication Group, today it is considered as the leading Internet Service Provider in Palestine, with the biggest Internet Capacity and number of clients. Hadara played a main and important role in building the Internet Services in the Palestinian Territories (Hadara Technologies, 2005). The mission of Hadara is to continue shaping the future of technology, is to hire employees who strive to gain trust of the company’s subscribers and the members of the society they serve. I was a manager for the web development department in the new company, I realized that joining forces and experiences with another entity can create innovation and success in manufacturing, distribution, design and research and
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