Merger Of Telecommunications Companies : At & T And T Mobile

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This paper will examine the proposed merger of two telecommunications companies: AT&T and T-Mobile. The purpose is to determine whether such a merger would be in the best interest of the telecommunications industry, as well as the consumers served by the industry. In order to adequately understand the environment contemplated by such a merger, this paper will examine the history of antitrust laws in the United States; with particular focus on the monopolies serving as a template for what would happen should the merger occur. Finally, the paper will make an assertion as to the advisedness of such a merger and provide evidence to support that assertion.

“Keep Them Separate” – The AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

“When competition exists, consumers win. It drives innovation, investment and economic benefits” (Wheeler, 2016). Scarcely a month ago, Tom Wheeler, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), made that statement as part of prepared remarks delivered to the Competitive Carriers Association at its convention in Seattle, Washington.

Given the mission of the Competitive Carriers Association, one could infer that Chairman Wheeler was, indeed, “preaching to the choir.” The organization is the special interest group representing regional and national “competitive wireless carriers and their stakeholders” (Competitive Carriers Association, 2011). The Competitive Carriers Association began with regional, small carriers that have always feared being crushed by the “big…

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