Essay on Merger and Acquisition Transition Plan

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Merger and Acquisition Transition Plan

Today, we were called into the boss’s office and told that our company was about to go through a major restructuring. In two weeks, the organization will be merging with a national conglomerate and it is our job to get the “troops prepared”, as she put it. She stresses to us the importance of effective leadership and communication. She would like for us to establish and initiate a plan that will help the employees with the transition. Luckily for us, we just completed a seminar on organizational behavior and we know exactly what needs to be done to make this transition as positive and seamless as possible.

We held a meeting first thing the next morning to discuss the best way to approach the
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Here, we told the employees when the merger was going to take place, when it was going to be announced to the public, and how it will effect our departments and them personally. We also let them know what we were expecting from them during and after this change.

Our committee chose to allow our individual departments to decide what steps would be essential to making this transition effective. Complying with the path-goal theory we told them what we would like to see happen and the direction in which the organization was aiming. Then we allowed them to brainstorm about the different areas that needed to be adjusted to achieve these goals. We supplied them with necessary information so that, with our assistance, they would have a hand in planning, organizing, and controlling certain decisions, empowering them so that we could obtain positive results. We understand the importance of giving them choices and to listening to their suggestions to improve the morale and the potential work conditions. Empowering the group helps them to thrive toward higher levels of achievement, while giving us another chance to solidify their trust that we will provide proper motivations and promote a work environment where they know their efforts and contributions will not go unrewarded.

As a result of the organizational restructuring that will happen in order to merge these two companies we were faced with having to let many employees go. Because we wanted to maintain our focuses on
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