Merging A Self Directed Work Team

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Merging a Self-Directed Work Team When an organization has to merge two groups together, it goes without saying there will undoubtedly be conflict, but how the newly-formed group manages a myriad of situations can prove to be vital to the survival and success of the newly-formed team. The processes, discussions, and behaviors of the team members can set the tone early for how well the group will thrive during and even after the forming stage. In addition, the team can take many steps to help ensure that conflict is addressed and does not sabotage the group process during the storming stage. Also, the plans a team has in place can help the team members improve their relationships during the norming stage once most or even all of the conflict has subsided. Furthermore, the pre-existing and well-thought-out plans can help all the team members maximize team success and productivity during the performing stage of team development once the conflict and unfamiliarity have long subsided. Forming There are many phases when building a team. Forming is the first state of developing a team. According to Mackin, during forming, individuals are put together to form a team to do assigned work (2011). Throughout this stage, group member are getting to know each other. The members are uncertain and showing cautious behavior. Members are trying to figure out who can lead the team and be in charge to assist with making the best decision that will benefit the team. According to
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