Meridian Hawk Descriptive Writing

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Autumn Durbin We Are Meridian There are many things that make up being a Meridian Hawk. You can’t just expect to be a Hawk after just a few days. Everybody needs experience of how this school district is special and different from the others. There are many reasons for being proud of this school. All of the teachers are greatly understanding to where they make learning fun, the school field trips are amazing ( we are very grateful), and I am delighted about this new building that they made for us. I feel special because it’s as if someone cares about all of the students. Any other school isn’t as different as this one. Things at Meridian are rare and we are remarkably lucky to have a great place to learn. Every school you go to, you leave a part of your life to stay there forever. You are always going to be a Bobcat or a Tornado or something else. Like Ms. Deckard, you can be multiple things. Well, I happen to be something that I am very proud of. I am proud to be a Meridian Hawk! There are many things at this school that makes it worth enrolling into. I am ecstatic to have attended Meridian my whole life.…show more content…
How does the school pay for such things? The latest field trip was fascinating to attend. I was amazed that everybody could go back the second day after the first day was canceled! The trip was delightful, nonetheless. The fundraisers are supposed to help pay for those things but I still feel lousy. It’s like I didn’t give enough money for the trips. They appear to be more than $2,000 for just one trip. One day, I hope to be able to take my child on a Washington D.C. trip from Meridian Middle School. The faculty here is protective of us. When I go on a field trips, I want to be able to know immediately that nothing bad will happen. I can think that on every trip we have because I know that someone is looking out for me. If I could, I would donate to the school for every field trip we would go
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