Merion Mercy Academy Summary

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By now many of you have seen or heard about the video of a Merion Mercy Academy student using racial slurs. The video is both shocking and disturbing. Over the course of the past few years, it has become glaring obvious that Merion Mercy Academy is in desperate need of dramatic changes in order to correct some organizational and institutional failures that exist.

First, let us address the obvious. How can an organization like Merion Mercy Academy operate in 2017 without a diversity committee or a diversity plan? Considering the fact that Merion Mercy’s minority student population is over 10%, a diversity plan should have been created a long time. Having served as a member of the Diversity Committee at Waldron Mercy Academy for over 3 years,
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Diversity in the workplace refers to differences between people in an organization. It’s quite simple but complicated as diversity encompasses race, gender, ethnic group, experience and more. Educational diversity is a reflection of varying ideas, goals, and initiatives designed to create a positive learning environments for all students regardless of race. How can Merion Mercy Academy provide a safe, inclusive and diverse atmosphere when students aren’t taught about the minority accomplishments or successes? Program longevity isn’t the answer to success. In other words just because you’ve been doing that way doesn’t mean it’s effective.

Back in 2015, I challenged Merion Mercy Academy to develop a more well-rounded approach to field trips as they lacked diversity. No field trip to a New York Play, a theatre in Philadelphia or trip to Barnes Museum. No class trips to a Jewish synagogue, a Baptist church, and (possibly) a Hindu temple? No visits to a local Islamic center. While the school met with me, what has changed?
These are important questions, concerns that you should consider as you and daughter begin to evaluate school choices for high schools. My daughter has prospered from the experience at Merion Mercy Academy but I would be remiss to ask the question why the former American Board, whom are African American and Merion Mercy Alumni didn’t elect or aren’t considering to send their daughter’s to their alma mater. We are in desperate need of a
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