Merit Pay For Teachers And Teachers

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Merit Pay for Teachers President Barack Obama said in a recent speech that “The future belongs to the nation that best educates its citizens … It is time to give all Americans a complete and competitive education” (Stout). His first point has become evident over time. The nations that best educate their children will have power in the future. He also mentions giving Americans a competitive education. This is referring to implementing a form of merit pay for teachers; paying bonuses to a teachers’ salary based on their performance, and that of their students. Some states have already started using merit pay programs. Merit pay encourages teachers to work harder at assisting their students in learning. Replacing the current public education system with a merit-based system would rid the education community of bad teachers. It would attract a higher achieving work force to teaching and encourage overall improvement in schools. This would all lead to better teachers and more student success in schools. Most public education systems currently use a matrix or grid to decide how much money teachers are paid. Salaries are based almost purely on how many years teachers have taught, and how much college education they have. This system does not take into account how hard the teachers work, what kind of programs they teach, or how well they help students succeed. Tom Luna, the Superintendent of Public Instruction in Idaho, said in an interview, “[teachers] are paid based
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