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Why do I deserve a merit scholarship? A merit scholarship would be an honor to be awarded. I plan on attending the University of Minnesota Crookston for my postsecondary education. I plan on earning a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. While attending the University of Minnesota Crookston, I will participate in the pre-veterinary program. After earning my bachelor’s degree in Animal Science, I plan on attending the University of Minnesota Twin Cities for graduate school. At the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, I plan on earning my doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. Earning both a bachelor’s and a doctorate degree will require plenty of hard work and dedication. It will also mean having a large amount of student loans and debt. I believe…show more content…
As a young child I always had a love for animals. My family has always had pets and I’m sure that is where my love started. I had wanted to work at our local veterinary clinic when I was twelve or thirteen. Unfortunately, I could not work there until I was fifteen years old. As soon as I had turned fifteen, I was interviewing for and starting the job. I have worked there since, and it has been almost three years of working there. It is rare to find a teenager who sticks with one job during their high school career. I have enjoyed the job and the things I have learned at the clinic, which is why I have stuck with the job. Working for veterinarians over the years has allowed me to witness what the job is like and how hard they have to work on a daily basis. Now that I will be going off to college, I will be able to strive for my dream of being a veterinarian. Being awarded a merit scholarship will allow me to strive and achieve my dream of being a…show more content…
Becoming a veterinarian will require many years of dedication and hard work of postsecondary studies to become a veterinarian. Plus many years of hard work and dedication to help people and their pets. I believe that all the work and schooling I will have to dedicate myself to will pay off in the end. There will probably be a few mishaps along the way, but as long as I keep myself focused and work hard I will be able to reach my goal and dream of becoming a veterinarian. A merit scholarship will help inspire me to work hard and achieve my

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