Meriton Ruhani. Bio. April 3, 2017. Evolutionary Success.

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Meriton Ruhani Bio April 3, 2017 Evolutionary Success There are many definitions of success when it comes to the evolution of living organisms: number, diversity, size, distribution, longevity, evolutionary history, generalization, specialization, even usefulness to humans. Throughout history, groups or individual species, have faced many challenges on Earth. All animals have adapted differently to the constantly altering living conditions. Some have been immensely superior to others in their ability to survive and rule all forms of life. Their complexity varies, but because of their ability to adapt, it’s what has made these species successful. Adaptation is an evolutionary process that allows animals to become superior in a particular…show more content…
Generally, people underestimate its importance to Earth and our lives. It is a biological blueprint for countless other species. Earthworms are found in the phylum Annelida. () They can vary in size. Their bodies are segmented which allows them to compartmentalize. The number of segments the species is born with will stay the same throughout their life. Normally, the number of segments found is similar within specimens. Remarkably, earthworms have the ability to regenerate lost segments. () They play a key role in regenerating and displacing soil. Earthworm activities changes both physical and chemical characteristic of soil. They help convert organic matter to humus. Additionally, they ingest other particles (sand grains) and when it is digested and excreted, it is accessible for plants to take advantage of its minerals and nutrients. Physically, the earthworm creates tunnels for air and water to navigate the soil. () They play an essential role in fighting erosion and are vital to plant growth. Healthy soil is depended on a thriving worm population. The ability to break down organic matter and excrete nutrients makes the earthworm valuable to restoration projects. Some people have employed earthworms to prepare soil for the return of native flora. Individuals that utilized this idea have seen better results in the return of their soil ecosystem than previously used methods. The number of

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