Merlin : A Hero

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What makes someone a hero? The qualities that a person has can make them a hero. In the movie Merlin, produced by Dyson Lovell, Merlin ishows that he is a hero. He stands goes against what is expected of him, he saves the life of his love in a unique way, and he stands up for what he believes in. Merlin is a unique type of hero, he doesn't follow the social norms, and who stands out among the rest. To be a hero one must be brave. To be brave means that one must be able to face fears, stand up for what one believes in, and that one will not give up no matter how difficult the task is. In the movie Merlin, Merlin proves his heroism by showing that he is brave. One of the ways that Merlin shows that he is brave is by standing up against Mab. Mab had created Merlin so that he could bring back the old ways, but he does not want to use his powers in this way. Merlin only wants to use his powers to destroy Mab. As Mab says “With evil all around me I can do nothing but evil to survive.”(Merlin). This shows that Mab is evil. Merlin also shows that he is brave by saving Nimue. Vortigern had sacrificed Nimue to the dragons at Mabs request (Merlin). But Merlin uses his powers along with nature to save Nimue. Facing a dragon takes a lot a bravery. Another way that merlin shows that he is brave when he walks away from Nimue while in the doorway to magic (Merlin). Mab had created a world for Nimue and Merlin so that they could live forever together, but also so that Merlin would be out
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