Merlin Ring Research Paper

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Legends and the world of fantasy are now common themes for standad slots games offered in leading online casinos. With this theme, software gaming providers and designers have more flexibility and creativity in designing an engaging slots game that provides players the entertainment they are looking for. It is this principle that makes Merlins Millions from NextGen Gaming work. For this slots game, the designers of NextGen used the legendary tale of Merlin as the jumping board in creating a brand new slots game. Legend has it that Merlin was a wizard, and has worked with King Arthur. In Merlins Millions, the partnership between the wizard and King Arthur is not given focus, rather the focus is on how players can win the potential winnings in Merlins Millions.…show more content…
Done in green and hints of lavender and magenta colors, this slots game take on an enchanted and magical theme. We love the use of colors and the setting or background used since it g\ive us the feeling that we are transported to anothr world of make-believe. We also find a cute Merlin on the foreground which sets the tempo of the game. In the legend, Merlin uses his poer to offer protection for King Arthur and his people, and in this slots game, the wizard makes use of his want to offer some winnings. We also like the inclusion of some storylines were the wizard randomly uses his spells, and these spells are manifested in great graphics. In this slots game, the symbols of Merlins to watch out for are the Magical Staff, Spell Book, Poker Cards, Owl, Poker Cards and Merlin.

Playing this slots game reminded us of other similarly-themed slots game, including Medusa which is based on the Greek mythology and Snake Charmer. All these games are outstanding but we can say that Merlins Millions easily holds its own against these games.

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