Merlin's Love Out Of Camelot Essay

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Looking back, Merlin was grateful beyond words that Gaius had not only found a way to break the curse on Freya before he'd thrown away his destiny but that the physician had also helped him secret his love out of Camelot and get her to Ealdor.

Once under Hunith's loving care, Freya's gentle soul and kindness endeared her to everyone and she soon found herself accepted by the people of Ealdor.

Freya was also the main reason why Merlin urged Gwen to travel to Ealdor after she had been banished from Camelot by Arthur, leaving her with nowhere to go. Merlin knew that if anyone could help his friend, it was Freya.

It was a bright and sunny day and Freya was up to her wrists in bread dough when there was a knock on the door to the hut. Quickly
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Gwen unburdened her heart to her new friend and in turn, Freya offered both love and comfort. They both carried their sadness deep within, but they understood each other like no one else.

Freya was working in the gardens on the day Merlin and Arthur arrived in Ealdor, on the run from Morgana. After helping Merlin to settle Arthur in the hut, Freya quickly went looking for Gwen. Finding her friend feeding the chickens, Freya pulled her to the side.

"Merlin and Arthur have just arrived. Arthur's been injured," said Freya as she pulled the bucket of chicken feed from Gwen's hands and pushed her towards their home. "Go, tend to him," she said.

"I can't," said Gwen sadly. "He doesn't want to see me; he made that perfectly clear. I don't blame him, either," she said.

Freya just stared at her friend. "Gwen, you'll never forgive yourself if you don't at least make the attempt to fix what happened. You may never be able to get back what you once had, but at least take the chance. Please!"

* * * * *

Not too many months later, a now-forgiven Freya was standing at Merlin's side watching while Arthur married his Guinevere. Leaning in towards his love, Merlin whispered in Freya's ear, "Just think, in a few days that will be
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