Merlin's Short Story: Amelia And Alli

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“Follow me and stay close. We’re taking a shortcut.” Merlin explained. Twigs and dead leaves from the previous seasons from many years ago, crunched and snapped under the horse’s hooves. Amelia and Alli looked at the newly revived earth in wonder, for once the trees were no longer barren, the muddied earth had once again grown lush green grass. The air smelled fresher and for the first time in decades people could finally see the sun, it was no longer blocked by a thick everlasting blanket of grey smog, and people could once again grow crops and live as they once did before the horrible incident. And for the young who hadn’t ever seen green on trees or couldn’t remember if they had, could finally look outside their window and see what the world was like before.

As the group went down the same beaten up path, Merlin took a left and the rest followed. The trees, as amazing as they are seemed to be getting denser. The group of four found themselves in front of a large cave opening. It was so dark and large that it looked as if it would swallow everything in it’s path. Merlin said that it was safer than it looked and that it would take them wherever they needed to be. Taking a leap of faith in someone whom you had met only meer hours ago is a more difficult task than one would think. Amelia and Alli gave a final glance to each other before swallowing
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Her mother started crying and father had tears in his eyes. They were all smiling, then Alli’s nephew’s came running into her arms. They were all laughing and smiling as tears of joy ran down each of their faces. Alli looked back and smiled, Amelia returned the gesture with a smile of her own and waved. She began walking back to her own house, when she noticed something, the sun was still setting. It was late noon just as it had been in the forest. But she had a more important question. “Back their. With the sword thing. How did I? It was a
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