Meroid Dosing Case Study: Mrs. Lambert

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Mrs. Lambert is a 52-year-old female here today for followup regarding her palpitations, anxiety and she would like to discuss abdominal pain.
The patient was seen last in the office on March 6th. Please see that note for complete details. At that time, she was having anxiety and panic attacks. We did talk about options. She had previously taken Celexa and thought that she wanted to try that again. However, when she did try it, she did not like the way it made her feel. She says that she felt spacey on it. She only took it for two days and stopped using it and says she does not want to use it any longer. She says what she did do, however was change her Synthroid dosing from daily to every other day. On top of that, she went to a half a tablet every other day and she has been noticing less palpitations, overall. She did that about a month ago. The only down side is, she has been noticing increasing fatigue, which she has found in the past with her hypothyroidism. She is in need of an updated TSH and would like to see where her level is at this time. Her next appointment with Dr. Sutherland, her cardiologist, is next week and she plans on discussing her palpitations with her as well. She does have a known history of mitral valve prolapse with mitral valve regurgitation. …show more content…

She says that it was mainly in the lower abdomen yesterday across her lower belly. However, today that part seems to be better. She has not had any fevers with it. She has not had any nausea or vomiting. She has been feeling constipated. She is not sure if her belly discomfort is related to constipation or not. There has not been any blood in her stool. No diarrhea. No fevers, chills or body aches and she is otherwise not feeling ill at this time. She is planning a colonoscopy with Marylyn Grondin, MD, but has not scheduled that

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