Merritt's Bakery

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Deciding to invest in a business that will put your skills to work can be tough. Most have the mindset of, “starting from the bottom, and now you’re here.” Establishing a business from the ground can be challenging at first, but after years of evolution in the business can be rewarding. Little did Larry and Bonnie Merritt know, their baked goods would become high demand for the community in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Starting the business themselves, the Merritt’s pursued their business that is still to this day open for the public. Taking a deeper look into their organizational structures, can create a positive impression that this family worked hard to keep up with the demand.
Analyzing the division of labor that has evolved at Merritt’s Bakery
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The span of control, centralization, and formalization has changed at the Merritt’s Bakery over the years so that the business could continue to be effective. The span of control continued to grow throughout the years, since the business started out small, the more people hired created more need for managers for the employees to report to. I feel like today; Merritt’s bakery has a wide span of control since for each bakery there is an assigned manager that the employees report to. In the eyes of the Merritt’s it’s important to maintain quality.
Centralization has changed at the Merritt’s Bakery over the years in ways such as the decision-making is not solely Larry and Bobbie’s responsibility anymore, they have allowed their son Christian to be a part of the business, and take over. I think that there is a strong sense of centralization since it’s always stayed in a small group of people to make the formal decisions. Once the business has been progressing so much, the Merritt’s deciding to hand the responsibility over to their son to start making the important
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I can see that there is a wide span of control, and adjusting to new situations has become common for Larry and Bonnie. I feel like this business is flexible in adjusting to new decisions. When their son was hired in, the Merritt’s had to adjust to all the new ways of maintaining quality such as introducing computer systems to track inventory at other stores. There is a high sense of sharing information with employees of the company. I think that Larry and Bonnie have emphasized their roles in the company by continuing to train the new people and strive to select only the best to fulfill their bakery
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