Merrymakers at Shrovetide vs Interrupted Sleep

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Since the first brush stroke was taken in Europe, the paintings that have been produced have played a vital role in revealing our world 's past, history, religion and daily lives of its citizens. Each time period and movement have influenced artists from its first existence to even this very day, creating an extraordinary timeline of art and history as one. Frans Hals ' Merrymakers at Shrovetide of 1615 and Francois Boucher 's Interrupted Sleep of 1750 are no exception. Despite their different time periods and movements, the two paintings each have many parallels and at the same time very distinct styles which play on how influential artists ' styles are upon each other. Even with all of the differences and similarities, both paintings are…show more content…
When comparing the two paintings ' style there are many similarities as Interrupted Sleep of the Rococo period came after the tail end of the Baroque period in which Merrymakers at Shrovetide was completed. Hals ' painting show 's well indulged and plump figures with fairly muted colors with some use of reds. It is a centrally planned composition with no landscape - only an endless crowd of merry men. The painting is also quite dark overall with nice value and shading, as the setting is in a tavern during the evening with little natural light. Although with Hals ' technique of using dashing brushstrokes, the painting appears as if it could come to life with its realistic rendering of the tavern scene. This technique goes unnoticed until one closes in upon the painting to view his actually brush strokes which could possibly even be counted. Unlike Merrymakers at Shrovetide, Boucher 's Interrupted Sleep illustrates two tall and thin figures of elegance upon a quiet countryside scene. The painting is lighter in value with natural sunlight and contains a number of more colors making it a more upbeat and pleasant picture. The rich and lavish vegetation spreads through the background with a small and rounded architectural form. The brush stroke is smoother and gives the painting a more natural and quiet appeal as it is overall more intimately themed. Like in Hals ' painting, Boucher takes advantage of value and uses it with folds

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