Essay on Merton Electronics Case

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Merton Electronics Case Study 1) Merton Electronics is subject to transaction exposure. Transaction exposure is the gains or losses realized from the settlement of specific transactions that are denominated in a foreign currency. There are two main types of transaction exposure: 1) Purchasing or selling on credit goods denominated in a foreign currency 2) Borrowing or lending funds when repayments is going to be made in foreign currency. In respects to Merton’s Yen payments they are subject to transaction exposure. Merton imports a majority of its products from Japan. This results in payments due to suppliers that are denominated in Yen. Merton has locked in outstanding transactions with Fuji and Goldstone that would be…show more content…
The reason the other hedges have varying costs is because they all incorporate other factors. The money market hedge takes into account the opportunity cost which is the cost of debt for Merton. You can also use the WACC as the opportunity cost. The option takes into account the premium you must pay to buy the option and to exercise.
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