Mesoamerica And The Great Complex Of Indigenous Cultures

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Mesoamerica the great complex of indigenous cultures. The time period in which made I

pretty big dent in history, the time period from 300BC until the 1500’s. Some of you are

probably reading this like why is Mesoamerica so important? Or who or what has been involved

in the Mesoamerica time period? Well some of your questions just might get answered if you

continue reading this paper. I may not be the best writer but here going nothing.

Mesoamerica was the start of a new beginning when nomadic people began following

herds and started settling across North and South America. Mesoamerica is pretty much just

Middle America. Middle America domesticated animals and plants some of the plants were

maize (corn), potatoes, tomatoes, and beans. Once they demonstrated these things the population

began to boom then forming great cities.

The first real group was the Olmec’s, the Mother Culture. They were settled in tropical

forests along the Gulf of Mexico, from 1500BC- 400BC. Their trade system influenced into

other cultures then giving them more opportunities to trade and get different resources from

other cultures. They carved stone art, made a calendar, and wrote in hieroglyphics. Their

traditions of sculpting and temple architecture, developed them ahead over eight centuries.

Which will eventually influence all subsequent civilizations of the region.

After them came the Mayans they existed from 300BC- 900AD, the Classic Period. They

were located

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