Mesopotamia And All Of Its Glory

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Mesopotamia In this essay I am going to be talking about Mesopotamia and all of its glory. I will be covering a pretty large time frame from 2340 BCE to 539 BCE to tell you what you need to know about this great civilization. A few questions I will be answering will be why the Mesopotamia people chose this geographic region to be their home, what characteristics of this region allowed Mesopotamian civilizations to develop, and how the geographical characteristics impacted the structure of the society, laws, religion, and the perception of nature. The first question of why the Mesopotamia people chose this geographic region to be their home can be answered through our textbook where it states “The region receives little rain, but the soil of the plain of southern Mesopotamia was enlarged and enriched over the years by layers of silt deposited by two rivers (10).”The land was directly between the Tigris River and the Euphrates River which made it great for farming but not without the help of human made irrigation and draining ditches (10). Therefore the Mesopotamia people all fought over this land and wanted it so much because these rivers allowed for a pretty prosperous farm life.
At first Mesopotamia were just many little cities with different things going on but according to our online reading around 2340 BCE Sargon I (the Great) created the first true empire in Mesopotamia, and his capital was Akkad. This would lead to the next question I am going to answer which is,…
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