Mesopotamia Patriarchy

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Patriarchy is a word accustomed to describe the practice of a man being in control and in power. Illustrations such as men violence against women, imbalanced power relation between women and men. Patriarchy’s Men mostly tend to give commands and women must obey. Subsequently, Women have uneven limited rights comparing to men.

Throughout the early centuries, patriarchy-influenced many country’s culture and society. Concerning the Mesopotamia civilization, The Mesopotamian’s predisposed patriarchy. The Mesopotamians had a tremendously rigid and strict lifestyle, which led to many variances and eruptions between both genders. Mesopotamian men were patriarchal; they practice patriarchy in agricultural and social districts. In agriculture, women considered lower in status than men, they were involved in childcare and household tasks such as cleaning, cooking. In the other hand, men were indulged in powerful positions, governing and working nearly in diverse kinds of job features, particularly in the sorts that involved heavy tasks. Men’s work was more valued than women’s effort. Additionally, The
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However, it is not major currently now a day, however, it is still practiced in minor groups or cultures, such as in some of the developing cultures. Yet it highly diminished in the majority of developed countries. Now a day there are high percentages of the presence of women in power and in the legislature. Models of women in power, such as the queen of the united kingdom Elizabeth and HE Sheikha Lubna bint Khalid bin Sultan Al Qasimi is a minister of state for tolerance. Furthermore, women acquire equal rights with men in learning, working and gaining positions for instance. Besides, a difference in the income a woman gains compared to a man does, were both performs similar jobs and accomplishing the same outcomes may coexist. In conclusion, differences in gender presently are not predominant as it was previously long
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