Mesosystem : My Mothers And Grandmothers

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The biggest challenge for both grandmothers was having to be a single mother. Both had to face the challenges of having no education to rely on. They both had to work long shifts in the factory. Often their shifts did not line up with having a child at home. They always made sure their children had everything they needed. My mom and dad had to witness these struggles first hand. The challenges made my parents enjoy life even more. The little treats were so much sweeter because they did not come often. My parents worked so hard for their four children because of the short coming they had during their childhood. For both generations, the joys of life came from the relationships with family, not from the material items. The nicest cars might not have been in the garage, but hearts were full of joy. We never had a lot of extra money, but we had the best childhood possible. We take family vacations every year and continue to make memories that will last a lifetime. I hope to give my kids the best childhood, just like I had.
The third generation lived a totally different life than we do today. They lived a very minimal life. Their house had three bedrooms for seven people. Meals were made out of cheap ingredients. Word of mouth and newspapers was the method to receive their information. Money was scarce. Only the man worked while the woman took care of the home. Their clothes were mostly hand me downs. The oldest sister would get clothes to fit, then the
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