Message Appeals Used in Advertising

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What Message Appeals would you use for the following Products? Design One Liner Punch lines: 1. Study Table in Household. 2. Cosmetic Surgery.
Message Appeals:
Berknan and Gilson Defined advertising appeals as an attempt at creativity that inspires consumers motives for purchase and affects consumer’s attitude towards a specific product or service. Message appeals are used in Advertising Messages to draw the consumer’s attention to his or her, own unmet needs and desires. Appeals can be broadly classified as Rational and Emotional. Rational appeals work on the consumer’s rationale i.e. the message will focus on the features of the product, its performance, the benefits from using the product, ease or technicality involved in
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One liner: * Wish to have straight As? Start with A1 * Want to stay ahead of the competition? Race with A1. * Why settle for second best? Always be A1.

2. Cosmetic Surgery
Product Name: Safely Sensual
Cosmetic Surgery is a high involvement service. People are sceptic about using this product and the common man feels like it is a service to be availed by actors, models and TV Stars. Contrary to that opinion there are other people who would go in for a cosmetic surgery to look better and feel good about themselves. This is a service availed by the Upper Middle, Lower Upper and Upper Upper class.
Sex Appeal: Sex appeal is used by the usage of sexual themes and sexually attractive models. Since people often face mid life crisis, and are left feeling old and bereft of sexual desire, a sexually attractive message would be ideal for a cosmetic surgery advertisement thus making the consumer feel wanted, beautiful, young, loved and thus it helps the consumer feel like he or she is capable of making love.
Subliminal appeal: Every middle aged person at some point in time feels like he or she is no longer beautiful and the need for beauty may be suppressed if the person is surrounded by people who adore him or her. If the message campaign focuses on the imperativeness of feeling beautiful for one’s own satisfaction may be the
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