Message from Satirical Cartoon, in the Cold Again

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Introduction: Recently, there has been news with the conflict with Russia and America, Russia is forcibly going to invade Ukraine, because not long ago when Russia was still called Soviet Union, Ukraine was part on the Soviet Union and but then Ukraine declared Independence. Now Russia, wants Ukraine to be part of the Russia Federation. While many Ukrainians and Americans were opposed to this Russia still refuse to hear Obama even though he pleads Vladimir not to send troops to Ukraine. Cartoonist Leah, in her cartoon published in The Courier Mail on March 4 2014, titled “In the Cold Again”, takes a satirical look with the conflict with Vladimir and Obama. The cartoon is a response to Vladimir invading Ukraine and Obama making opposing to…show more content…
Before Russia was a named it was called the Soviet Union (short term USSR). In the flag of the Soviet Union, it contains the hammer and sickle, in the above paragraph, the hammer of sickle represent communism. Communism is a classless society in which all property is owned by the community as a whole and where all people enjoy equal social and economic status. With the collapsed USSR, now Russia belongs to a democratic country, which is sense, still relates to communism. The irony within this satirical cartoon is that, with the frequent attacks on Ukraine, Russia is moving away from being a democratic to be a totalitarian state. OR Another important technique is used by the cartoonist is personification; personification is when an object is assign as of a person to something that isn't human or, in some cases, to something that isn't even alive. The cartoonist, Leah, has uses personification to emphasize a point to the audience. The countries are represented by the attributes of the people, with Ukraine being a small area sized country. The cartoonist personifies the country into a small, helpless person in contrast to Russia. The cartoonist uses personification to get the cartoonist point of view in which that, Ukraine, being a small country, has no ability to defend against the upcoming invasion of Russians. A final satirical technique used to convey the

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