Message of the Mountain

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Message of the Mountain

Submitted by Gertrude Beatriz Lim 6-6 Submitted to Mrs. Miriam E. Rana

Message of the Mountain is a Christian fiction written by Matilda Nordtvedt. The book has 135 pages with 30 chapters. The story takes place in Bellingham, Washington in the early 1900s. It was settled, the Johnsons were relocating to Bellingham, Washington; since Papa cannot sustain the work in the country. John liked the idea of moving to the city, but Hilda and Lois were not so thrilled. Their house in Bellingham was modern, and John was delighted. From the window, you could see the magnificent Mount Baker. Papa and Hilda started talking about how Mount Baker was like God, making John
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The best part in the chapters is when they arrived in Bellingham. It was about the time when things were about to change. It was nice because it described how John felt towards making new friends and adjusting to a new life.

Message of the Mountain is a Christian fiction book written by Matilda Nordtvedt. Chapters 5 to 14 have forty-four pages in all. The story takes place in Bellingham, Washington, in the early 1900s. In Chapter 5, the Johnson family went to church. John still could not decide on what to believe in, creation or the theory of evolution; but after Mr. Strom’s discussion, he believed in creation. While in Chapter 6, John was convinced by Mr. William’s lecture that everything evolved from something. After class, the trio: John, Marvin, and Pete were down by the tracks smoking. Marvin suddenly asked for John’s share of tobacco, but John said he did not afford tobacco and Papa does not smoke. Marvin shrugged and suggested him to steal some at Mr. Thorsen’s store. John was astonished by his suggestion; he could not steal now or could he? In Chapter 7, Mama had a big announcement: Hilda could take piano lessons if Mama would clean Mrs. Lavine’s house once a week. The girls were squealing from excitement but all John felt was hugging someone and getting some tobacco. In Chapter 8, Mr. Strom showed his complex watch and related it to the
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