Messi Essay

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Messi Lionel Andrés Messi (born June 24, 1987 in Rosario) is an Argentine football (soccer) player. Messi is a great player how plays football for a club in Spain called Barcelona . He also played for that team since he was 11 . He’s nationality is Argentina and he used to live there . he was too talented when he was young that’s why many teams needed a player like him thinking of what he could be in the future but most of these teams wasn’t in Argentina so he couldn’t go . Messi had a problem . He was so short so his family was giving him shots to increase his ability of growth but this shots was very expensive and his family couldn’t pay any more so they went to the club that Messi was playing in it ( Newell’s Old Boys ) and they sat…show more content…
Despite his youth, Lionel has already drawn comparisons with Diego Maradona, arguably the best football player of all time.On September 25, 2005 Messi obtained a Spanish citizenship and was finally able to make his debut in this season 's Spanish First Division. He had previously been unable to play because FC Barcelona had filled up all of their quota of non-EU players. Messi 's first outing in the UEFA Champions League at the Nou Camp was on Sept 28 against Italian club Udinese. He impressed with some great passing and a seemingly telepathic relationship with Ronaldinho that earned him a standing ovation from the 70,000-odd Nou Camp faithful. On December of that year, the Italian newspaper Tuttosport awarded him the Golden Boy 2005 title for the best under-21 player in Europe, over Wayne Rooney and Lukas Podolski In September 2005, Messi was given an improved and extended contract until 2014. After Ronaldinho is gone from Barcelona all the lights was on Messi . Barcelona won a lot of tournaments with Messi and a lot teams wanted him bus he refused and in 2009 he scored a the best goal in his life which made the Fifa thinks of him as the new world best player 2009 and he was the one . In 2010 he impressed all the world by his goals and his skills and it was a surprise for him and for all of the world that he was the chosen one again for the world best player 2010 but this isn’t the first time that he took
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