Messianic Secret Greek

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In the New Testament specifically in the Gospel of Mark it is spoken about the messianic secret. As Mark had written, Jesus had told his followers to keep his mission and identity a secret; therefore, as it is known as the messianic secret in the Gospel of Mark. There have been many suggestion and theories to why Jesus kept his messiahship a secret. Jesus had also never actually considered himself the messiah to his followers. From my analyzations from the Gospel of Mark, the messianic secret was concealed because Jesus wanted to prevent any misunderstanding of the title “the messiah”, it was not time for his revelation, and avoided being taken advantage of his abilities. As it is known in the Gospel of Mark, Jesus is most frequently called the messiah. There are many perceptions and meanings to the title “the messiah” to many different people. According to Watson, one of Jesus’s reasoning for the messianic secret was “to resist the attribution of social honor” (Snyder 1). By this it means that Jesus did not want to be seen as to have…show more content…
During the first-century in Palestine, where the nation was in look of a “political savior” (Ligonier 1). As a result of what was occurring politically within the nation of Palestine it was not the right time for Jesus to let everyone know who he was because his purpose was not to be a king or related to that. The people of Palestine wanted freedom from Roman domination (Ligonier 1). Jesus did not want his followers to expect tasks from a ruler or political saving. Instead, he wanted to continue spread his message and teaching to his followers. For this reason, it was in Jesus’s best concern to hide his identity and to avoid any unwanted titles. He did not want to be considered as a political threat to the nation of Palestine. However, he eventually was seen to be a threat to the Romans that later led to his
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