Met Council Case Study

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The Metropolitan Council (METC, Council, Met Council) is the quasi-state agency responsible for the planning and operation of public transportation, waste water treatment, regional parks, and section eight housing assistance in the seven county metropolitan area surrounding Saint Paul and Minneapolis. The organization employs approximately 4,500 people who rely heavily on the Information Systems (IS) Department for support services while completing their daily work duties. Additionally all people in our region benefit from the services provided by the Metropolitan Council’s IS department either directly or indirectly by riding public transit, visiting the website, utilizing mobile applications, using regional parks, benefiting from our social…show more content…
If successful, additional locations will be added. This program is intended to increase ridership by making access to bicycle storage more secure, which will enable people to ride their bikes to the bus stations and commute on public transportation. Before this pilot program was conceived, commuters needed to ride their bicycles to transit stations, lock them up on an unattended rack at the stations or bring them on the bus and store them at their end destinations. Many people do not work in buildings with secure bike storage and theft at the unattended and exposed racks is a concern for riders because bicycles cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. Transit staff believes this cumbersome and unsecure process deters bicycle riders from utilizing public transit during their commutes. As a remedy, this project entails building a large secure room with racks for bicycle storage onto transit stations. The rooms will be climate controlled with HVAC systems, security cameras, Wi-Fi access, and have a controlled entry. Nancy’s responsibilities in creating this program included the development of the software that enables customers to register for this program and use their existing go-to cards as a way to access the bike storage area. While the Metropolitan Council uses many different types of software and IS service packages that have varying degrees of customization from 0% percent customized to 100% customized, this particular project was conceived, designed, developed, and implemented completely in house by Metropolitan Council
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