Meta Analysis : What Meta Analytic Article Did You Find Most Helpful And Why

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1. Define meta-analysis, discuss its advantages and shortcomings, and outline the steps taken to conduct a meta-analysis. What meta-analytic article did you find most helpful and why in preparing your research paper this term? The meta analysis starts by a recompilation of the estimation of the effect through a set of studies. This effects might be expressed such as a size index of the effect, the difference of means, the risk ratio or even correlation. The meta analysis allows to estimate these effects in context: if the size of the effect is consistent, the effect of the treatment is regarded as strong and the size of the effect is estimated with more accuracy than a single study. If the size of the effect variate , this variation might be described and likely explained . Then, when the output from individual studies are combined using appropriated meta-analysis techniques and show congruent positive results, we can think about a real benefits from the treatment. It is important that the review of previous studies systematically (stats form) estimate of the benefits of the overall studies, such an approach is regarded as meta-analysis. The risk of unsystematic review is that with only a portion of relevant studies included, might introduce some sort of bias, so it is important to use explicit and objective criteria for the inclusion or rejection of studies on quality grounds (the most common criteria are chalmers et al and jaded et al). The steps that are taken to

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