Meta-Cognition and Social Cognition

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Meta-Cognition and Social Cognition
Amy L Walker
Grand Canyon University: PSY-354
September 27, 2015

Meta-cognition and social cognition both influence interpersonal behaviors by using knowledge, personal beliefs, and views and beliefs of others around us. Meta-cognition is how we view our own self and process to create the best me that we can be. Social cognition is what we perceive about others around and how it affects how we view ourselves and others. Every person needs to have both to complete the person they are.
Knowledge and beliefs about one’s own cognitive processes, as well as efforts to regulate them cognitive processes to maxing learning and memory ( McDevitt, 2013). Each person has their own
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Like if Suzie did really well speaking in front of the class and had a positive response from her classmates and teacher, the next time she has to speak in front of them she will be more relaxed because she now believes it was perceived well. Students and adults use others reactions to guide us on what we should or should not do in everyday situations. Most people and students want to be socially accepted from their peers. This acceptance guides their thinking and beliefs. Social cognition affects our meta-cognition everyday because of the desire to fit in with others. We use others views of us to decide our self worth. They become more and more intertwined as a student grows and notices more and more of what others are thinking about them. Students learn from watching others specifically at a young age, and they apply what they have been watching to what they are doing (Eggen, 1999). How people react to that will create the memory either good or bad. These memories are what they will call on when it comes time to repeat the action or not. Student interpersonal behaviors use both meta-cognition and social cognition to create who they are and how they relate to others around them.

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