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Meta Description: How hot is a campfire depends on many aspects that make up the flames. A single answer won’t suffice, so stick around if you want to know more.
How hot is a campfire?
The curious kid in me used to bug the adults with that question over and over whenever I see one. It simply fascinates me because the fire can do useful stuff like cook food and warm a chilly night. Hence, just how hot can it be?
Years have gone by since then, and I get now that the answer isn’t as easy as learning how to fold a tent. It depends on many aspects that make up the flames, so a single response can’t suffice. Stick around if you want to know more about it.
The Science Behind Campfires
Any kind of fire goes through a chemical change before it turns into that. Even the ones at campsites experience that until you have nothing else left but ashes.
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Considering you only found that solid material in the grounds, the temperature can triple once it dries. That’s the time when the reaction produces gases that continuously combust with fire, thus increasing its hotness. The degree of heat can then rise to almost or more than 600 degrees Celsius.
Based on the aforementioned digits, the flames in a site can liquify aluminum. If you raise it further, it may melt silver too.
Meanwhile, saying that you can estimate how hot is a campfire through its color is debatable. Ideally, it follows the colors of a rainbow, with red being the coldest and white as the warmest. But the thing is, some campers believe that diverse factors affect the pigment.
3 Things that Keep the Fire
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